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A Performance Sample of Ihatov Recorder Ensemble

Please hear one part of a performance in a Sai no kuni Saitama art theater music hall done on November 28, 1995 by a past performance of Ihatov Recorder Ensemble, and it is a MP3 file

  • Hosi meguri no uta (A Song of Star going around) (910KB)
    "A song of star going around" is music of a children's story "twin star" that an apprentice to a priest of two stars of Chunce and Pouce appears in an adventure trip of star going around. Two apprentices to a priest "are a scorpion of a red eyeball, wings of the eagle which I opened" in a children's story. I blow with ... and a pipe of silver in accordance with a song. Kenji hits a night sky with music paper with this music, and it is said that I join light of a star together and made it.

  • Porano no hiroba no uta (A Song of an open space of Porano) (1.04MB)
    Kenji added poetry to music of Ch.H.Gabriel and did operetta of own work with an insertion song of "An open space of Polan."

  • Seisinka (A song of mind) (1.64MB)
    When it is 7:00 every morning, a melody of "a song of mind" resounds in a town of Hanamaki, Iwate Pref. It is said to students that I made it of the feeling that I want to get proudly as a farmer Kenji. It is used as a school song of Hanamaki agriculture senior high school currently. This music includes two kinds. In other words it is four beats of one of bright condition played slowly in eight beats of and latter half that I did played by this concert first. This does not become clear which is a thing composed first. In other words it was eight beats by the time of the person whom it heard from Kenji, and it seems to have been four beats. In other words it may be said that both time is right. It seems to be it uses it by the situation at that time, and to have possibilities to distribute it. I did it in four beats to be fast successively bright by eight beats that firstly I did slowly in a performance of this concert.