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Profile of Ihatov Recorder Ensemble Members

Recorder Players

Shigeru Oikawa
Born in the City of Esashi, Iwate Prefecture. Studied recorder and cornetto under Messrs. Koudou Uesugi, Sadao Udagawa and Jean - Pierre Canihac. Further, taught cornetto under Messrs. Bruce Dickey and William Dongois. In 1980, 81 and 82, won prizes at the solo branch of the All Japan Recorder Contest. In 1980, won the first prize at the solo branch of the Contest. Joined Shobi Recorder Orchestra. Gave a guest, performance at Baroqueband, Pro-Musics Kanagawa, Tokyo Kogakushudan and Anthornrollo. Since 1994, making efforts at introducing music composed by Kenji Miyazawa as the leader or Ihatov Recorder Ensemble. Also presides "Musica Flauta". The leader of SUPER OCARINA BAND "THE GOOSE". The producer of Ocarina Ensemble "Concerto Flora". While teaching recorder and ocarina, makes a guest appearance at many concerts as a classical and ethnic musical instrument player.

Yasunori Hayazaki
Born in Gifu Prefecture. Gradudated from the piano section of Tokyo Conservatoire Shoubi. Studies piano under late Mr. Youji Taniai, recorder under Mr. Koudou Uesugi. taught rendering method by Messrs. Walter van Hauve and Hans Maria Knais. In 1982 and 83, won the top prize at the ensemble part of All Japan Recorder Contest. The regular members of Tokyo Recorder Orchestra, Tokyo Blockflute Ensemble. Coterie of recorder duo "Bressan". Arranged many pieces of string ensemble and march. Teaching amateur recorder players all around Japan.

Takashi Yasui
Since his middle school years, having been very much interested in classical music. He started learning recorder in his early days under the guidance of Messrs. Ken Iimuro and Naoyuki Ootake. An undergraduate at Tokai University, he studied abroad at the Sveling Music Institute in Amsterdam and learnt lots from Mr.Walter Van Have. Having played recorder in the wide range of repertoires such as baroque chamber music and various fields of consorts. Also participated in the performance at the National Theatre as the player of the court music of ancient Japan and the restored musical instrument of Shosoin. The coterie of Tokyo Recorder Orchestra, a recorder quintet, "Consort Recordo", a recorder duo, "Yasu", an Irish music group "The Far East Session".

Tomoyasu Aramaki
Born in Tokyo. Professional player of such classical and ethnical instruments as flute, recorder, kena, nai, zuruna. Active in the fields of dancing, singing and pantomime as session musician. A member of Tokyo Recorder Orchestra and "Musica Foresta".

Takanori Matsuura
Born in Tokyo. Graduated from the Department of Literature, Senshu University. Studied recorder under Mr. Shigeharu Yamaoka. In 1984, received a golden prize at the solo branch of the All Japan Recorder Contest. In 1991, participated in a concert tour to Indonesia and Malaysia sponsored by International Exchange Fund. Have been taking part in many concert tours around Japan. Lecturer at the community college sponsored by Mainichi Shinbun and Seiyu Store. A coterie of recorder duo "Bressan". The regular members of Tokyo Recorder Orchestra, a creative musical instrument group "Chikotan", and SUPER OCARINA BAND "THE GOOSE".

Masahiko Kitamura
Born in Tokyo. Graduated from the Humanity Department of Musashino University. Majored in German culture. Studied recorder under the guidance of Mr.Chihiro Yazawa. Active all the parts of Japan as an expert and instructor in the genre of music education in terms of playing and teaching recorders. Also famous for playing solo concerts or participating in ensemble performances. Up until 1988, the member of Kitayama Takashi Syrinks Recorder Quintet. At present, Director of East Japan Branch of Tokyo Recorder Society. Lecturer of Toyama Musical Instruments Co. and coterie of Tokyo Recorder Orchestra.

Akiko Ajisawa
Born in Nagano Prefecture. Graduated from the vocal music course of Shobi Music Junior College. Since then, advanced to the graduate course of Tokyo Conservatoire Shobi and began learning recorder. Studied flute with Mr.Junichi Nakayama. Played together with Tokyo Recorder Orchestra, "Group Aine", a group of playing hand-made instruments "Chikotan". Belongs to the Tokyo Recorder Society. Active in the nationwide playing and teaching recorders.


Hideko Taniguchi
Born in the City of Hanamaki, Iwate Prefecture. Graduated from the Hanamaki High Scool, then, the Department of Japanese Literature, Showa Women's College. Her Christian grandfather, an elementary school teacher, Mr.Masaomi Terui, taught Kenji Miyazawa at his fifth grade of the elementary school. Her father, Mr.Kinjiro Terui, in turn was taught by Miyazawa at the Hizuki Agriculture Junior College. At the theatrical group presided by her father and named by Mr.Kotaro Takamura, famous sculptor "Hanamaki Kenji no Kai", played leading roles in the plays for Kenji's stories as "Kazeno Matasaburo", "Kari no doji", "Tsuchigami to kitsune", "Kairo dancho", etc. In her college days, learnt reading method of poems by Mr.Arou Naito, a famous man of letters in French. Also a student of the Theatrical Arts Institute. From 1981 to 1996, recited Kenji's 120 poems in dialect once a month for 39 times. In 1988, performed dialect recitation of Kenji's work several times at a 12-week educational program "The World of Miyazawa Kenji" lectured by Mr.Taijiro Amazawa, Professor of Meiji Gakuin College and sponsored by NHK Channel 3. Took part in the performance produced and directed by Messrs. H.Kumai and K.Watanabe of "Group 146". At present, having been teaching dialect and twice a year performing poem reading and fairy story-telling entitled "A message to the Galaxy".

Sachiyo Nakao
In 1981, graduated from the Arts Department of Tama College of Arts. In 1974, played a leading role in an NHK-TV drama "A Girl in the Dream Island", written and directed by Mr.Shouichiro Sasaki. From 1980 to 1984, also starred in such NHK-TV dramas as "Four Seasons Utopiano" -received such prizes as Emmy Excellence Prize, Italian Broadcasting Society Prize, TV Grand Prize, A prize for new actresses, etc., "The River sounds like a Violin", "Rainbow in Andalusia", "Spring-Light of Sound" as a heroine piano tuner(Eiko). In 1989, appeared on TV documentary drama of "Chopin at Dawn-Restored Life of Ms.Kiyoko Tanaka, an excellently talented pianist"-received prizes from TBS-Radio and the Broadcasting Culture Foundation, and "DQ" in 1992-received prizes from NHK-FM and the Galaxy. Since 1989, commenced reading activities. Active in not only reading practice but in collaboration with Western and Japanese music and modern dance.

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