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Introduction of Ihatov Recorder Ensemble

In 1994, it was organized by Shigeru Oikawa, a recorder expert from Iwate Prefecture with other six professional recorder players for the purpose of playing musical pieces composed by Kenji Miyazawa, a native of Iwate Prefecture (Ihatov), genius in novels, music and poems.

Oikawa, from the same prefecture as Miyazawa, comprehensible of the sensitivity of Ihatov people, commenced the arrangement of Miyazawa's pieces in 1993. On November 9, the same year, he started the arrangement of Miyazawa's "Hoshimeguri no Uta" and completed it in one and half year despite of his busy work schedule.

An independent recorder player and from the experience of the member of several recorder orchestras, Oikawa addressed his old friends of Tokyo Recorder Orchestra and finally established "Ihatov Recorder Ensemble" with his five associates.

Oikawa aimed at the realization of Miyazawa Kenji realm by means of recitation and music. For this purpose, he got cooperation of two top-class professional reciters. The one is Ms.Hideko Taniguchi, the foremost Hanamaki dialect reciter and the other is Ms.Sachiyo Nakao, a famous actress and reciter who played a leading part in the NHK-TV drama "the Rainbow in Andalusia".

The first performance of all music was given in September, 1995, at the gymnastic and cultural hall of Esashi City, Iwate Prefecture with the recitation of Ms.Hideko Taniguchi with a big success.

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