Introduction of the Members

Here is a list of our Members' profiles.

Atsuma Hrashima
Graduate from Tokyo Conservatoire Shobi, 1984. That year, passed The Saitama New faces' Guiter Concert Audition. Handled guiter and playing recorder, 1988, sold a first CD album "Recorder Gassou-no Miryoku" as a member of Tokyo Recorder orchestra. Have been playing activity, mainly guiter and recorder. A member of "Freebirds Company". A director of The League of All Japan Musical Education. A lecturer of The Tokyo Recorder Society. The president of "Ensemble Lyric".
The new member of "THE GOOSE"!

Yuki Hosooka
Born in the City of Sapporo, Hokkaido. Graduated from the Recorder Section of Musical Instrument Department, Ueno Gakuin Musical College. Studied recorder under Mr. Shigeharu Yamaoka and Ms. Seiko Tabaka. Learnt classical ensemble by Messrs. Toshinari Oohashi and Hideyuki Kobayashi. From 1984 to 1990, attended successively at the solo and ensemble parts of the All Japan Recorder Contest and won the golden prize three times. The member of Ensemble Euterube and Tokyo Recorder Orchestra.

Syuntaro Kunieda
Born in Tokyo. Since an intermediate school student, learnt recorder from Mr. Kei Yasui. Since 1993, the member of Tokyo Recorder Orchestra. In 1995, won the golden prize in the ensemble part of the 16th All Japan Recorder Contest. Since 1995, has studied flauto traverso under Mr. Tadashi Nakamura. The member of "Musica Flauta".
The youngest in "THE GOOSE" In charge of contrabass ocarina.

Shigeru Oikawa
Born in the City of Esashi, Iwate Prefecture. Studied recorder and cornetto under Messrs. Koudou Uesugi, Sadao Udagawa and Jean - Pierre Canihac. Further, learnt cornetto under Messrs. Bruce Dickey and William Dongois. In 1980, 81 and 82, won prizes at the solo branch of the All Japan Recorder Contest. In 1980, won the first prize at the solo branch of the Contest. Joined Syobi Recorder Orchestra. Gave a guest performance at Baroqueband, Pro-Musics Kanagawa, Tokyo Kogakushudan and Anthornrollo. Since 1994, making efforts at introducing music composed by Kenji Miyazawa as the leader of Ihatov Recorder Ensemble. Also presides "Musica Flauta". While teaching recorder and ocarina, makes a guest appearance at many concerts as a classical and ethnic musical instrument player.
President of "THE GOOSE" so that conducts MC at the concerts. In charge of musical arrangement.

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